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Slow Flow Yoga for Winter Wellness




Bolster your health and well-being with Slow Flow Yoga designed for the winter season.

Winter Slow Flow Yoga is a warming, grounding, and stimulating practice. It lights the fire inside, gently heating our body from the inside out, waking up the nervous system, and stirring our circulation through a slow gentle flow. We’ll move with our breath and a sense of comfort and ease.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, understood how the seasonal cycles and the rhythms of nature affect our body, mind and spirit.  When we bring in the opposite qualities of winter through our diet, lifestyle and yoga, we can balance our lives and derive the positive energies of the season — strength, vigor and stability.

As the weather turns damp and heavy, the sky cloudy and gray, life moves slowly. Nature is withdrawing and embracing the long, dark season of slumber and dormancy. There’s a stillness that also invites us to redirect our own energies, delving deep inside. However, stagnation can start to occur physically, mentally, energetically. It can lead to sluggishness, mucus-related illnesses, excess weight, and negative emotions such as attachment, envy, and greed. Yoga can be the antidote — building your health and vitality while increasing your inner peace, calm and focus!

Everyone welcome; no experience necessary; options provided.  $18/class

Classes (a purchase is valid for any one of the following times):
Sunday, December 15, 9-10:15 am
Saturday, December 21st, 9-10:15 am
Saturday, December 28, 9-10:15 am
at the Daylight Healing Center