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Slow Flow Chakra Yoga: Balance your Body’s Energy Centers




Saturday, November 23rd, 9-10:15 am at the Daylight Healing Center

The holidays can be lovely times – and they can tilt us out of balance, push us into overwhelm, bring up old emotions or pile additional stresses on our lives. Chakra yoga can help you prepare to enter the season by channeling more confidence, calm, creativity and joy in your life.

Chakras, named by ancient yogis, are the energy centers of the body. They contain our values, feelings, thoughts and childhood imprints. When we have a blocked emotion, the chakra that corresponds to the part of the body holding that emotion is also blocked. With a little guidance, you can tap into the chakras, dissolving the blocks and harnessing and shifting your energy in the direction you want it to go. Think of your chakras as a blueprint for your self-care and your yoga practice as the architect that makes that blueprint a reality. You’ll experience that wonderful shift for which yoga is known.

Chakra Yoga is for everyone, no experience required. You’ll move with intention, comfort and ease, connecting to your body and listening to your inner wisdom. You’ll use your breath as you flow though yoga practices designed for each chakra.