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Why it’s important to change our yoga with the season

Each season brings a unique energy that affects the body, mind and spirit.  It can be obvious like the weather or amount of daylight, or it can be subtle like a change in our feelings and emotions.

Ancient practices like Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and even the Farmer’s Almanac, understood that living in harmony with the seasons meant moving with them — with their energies —  rather than against them.  When we don’t, our mind, body and spirit get out of balance.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for managing change of any kind.  The yoga asanas can help pull our physical, mental and emotional selves onto the same page and help synchronize them with our natural environment, the seasons — all from the comfort of our yoga mat.

For example, as we transition from the fire and heat of summer, the cool, dry autumn energy can swing us out of balance to feeling ungrounded and unsettled.  But we can reset and rejuvenate our internal balance by adjusting our yoga and lifestyles to counter the crisp, unpredictable fall energy. 

Fall yoga nourishes, warms and moves slowly to connect us with the earth and listen to our body and inner wisdom.  There’s space to release what no longer serves us.  Space to open to what’s in store, to plant the seeds for the next round of growth. It’s a time to root down.  Think of Mother Nature!

What I find particularly fascinating about the changing seasons is that we know they’re coming, we know when they are and we know how they’ll shake up our bodies and minds.  But…we can take small daily steps to adjust our yoga and lifestyles to stay balanced and energized during these times of transition.

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