What are Audacious Changes?

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

-Carl Jung

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Ahna Machan

Integrative Coach and Educator

I’m Ahna Machan, Integrative Coach, Educator and Yoga teacher. I help people mobilize their inner resources to live healthy, happy, holistic lives in rhythm with their unique nature – their constitution and time of life as well as with the seasons and environment.  I draw on the wisdom of the ages verified through modern science and work individually and in groups.

I’m trained as an Ayurveda health and wellness coach, 200-RYT yoga instructor, and certified power kinetics (the power of your subconscious mind) coach.  I spent 20 years working with and learning from indigenous communities around the world on sustainable change and have a graduate degree in whole systems design, transformational change. But overcoming cancer taught me some of my biggest lessons about integrating the bodymind to create true health, wellness and joy.

So, what are audacious changes? They’re small changes that accumulate for audacious results on your health, well-being and life practices. They require courage and commitment. They come from listening to your inner wisdom to take small daily steps that nourish your body, mind and spirit.  Ancient traditions teach us that this is the path to discovering your best life — one that energizes you, is balanced and vibrant.  A life that radiates from your beautiful inner being.

Sometimes it feels risky to look at the world in a new way and adopt new beliefs and habits. It helps to get support. I’m here to guide you at every step to creating a life of your dreams – for an audacious you.


Featured Posts

Laugh for No Reason

Children laugh 300 times a day; adults, 30. Yet, laughing produces a flood of good, healthy chemicals in our bodies whether it’s forced or spontaneous. Laughter yoga teaches us to laugh for no good reason — or maybe to laugh for every wonderful reason on our body, mind and spirit. Dr Norman Cousins in “Anatomy of an Illness” laughed his way back to health from a serious back disease. It’s fun and easy and develops a positive perspective!

What Is Your Beacon of Light?

Everyone has a beacon of light in life. It’s the space we create where we listen to our inner voice, that wisdom and intuitive knowing that we all have. When we dwell in this space, we flourish, connecting the bodymind. What’s your beacon of light?

Try Sheetali Breathing to Keep Your Cool

How do you stay cool when it’s hot outside — or maybe your internal heat’s rising from whatever’s going on in your life? Try Sheetali breathing, a cooling breath practice — unless you have a medical condition and then check with your health care provider. But most of us can do it. In Sheetali breathing, you roll your tongue like a straw and inhale, sipping in air, close your mouth and exhale through your nose… Read More ->


“I worked with Ahna for more than one year. Although the physical distance between us is large, I felt as if she were very close and dedicated. Ahna is empathetic, and I truly felt that she understood me and my goals. I recommend her if you need somebody to listen and trust without judgment or criticism and, of course, if you need to find new perspectives and solutions to your life problems. I believe that today it is easy to find theories, structures and solutions. But what we really need, deep inside, is kindness, humanity, understanding and the freedom to feel our way and be openly ourselves in front of somebody. Ahna is that kind of coach!”

Oana Cehan, Financial advisor, Bucharest, Romania

As a fan of Ahna’s extensive knowledge and innate wisdom, I’ve been an eager client of her holistic program. She is one of a kind who addresses the mind, body, spirit connection, to uncover the root cause and not just the symptoms of imbalance.

Ahna addressed my fluctuating energy levels with yoga, my dietary habits with Aruveyda, and my sleep, or lack of sleep, with yoga Nidra. Her knowledge allowed her to create an individualized and personalized program–just for me! She listens carefully, is very receptive and supportive, and best of all, has a wonderful sense of humor.

Your help has truly made a difference in my quality of life. Thank you.



Phoebe Patten, Intuitive & Life Unveiled podcast, Seattle, WA USA

I want to thank you for your coaching.  Your empathetic approach and gentle questioning brought different levels of awareness to me. I particularly appreciate your ability to hear unspoken words by listening to the tone of my voice and then, check in with me so I was in the “here and now”,  flowing through the sessions. I am sure other clients will benefit immensly, as I did, from your coaching and be empowered through self-awareness to make changes to live with health and vibrancy.

Suresh R, Lead Training Manager – Himalaya Center for Excellence, Makali, Bengaluru India

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